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Craft Mead

Mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage in human history. But our meads are anything but ancient. Our menu is a contemporary take on this timeless drink — lighter, drier and viking-free.

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All Day Croquet

Niagara Peach
Session Mead, 5%
Fruity, Bright, Refreshing


Feels Like Friday

Hopped Buckwheat
Session Mead, 5%
Hoppy, Dry, Bold


Quarter Life Crisis

Ontario Cherry
Session Mead, 5%
Fruity, Tart, Fresh


Awkward Dinner

Ontario Wildflower
Session Mead, 5%
Floral, Clean, Balanced

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Refreshingly Different

At Royal Canadian Mead we believe mead is deserving of a seat at the table alongside the best craft beer and ciders. We've developed a new style of session brews that are bright, balanced and refreshing — made with Canadian honey and the freshest seasonal ingredients.

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Mead with Love

Our crisp, Canadian meads are made in the Niagara region where the orchards produce some of Ontario's best local cherries, peaches, pears and plums for us to highlight. Honey's versatility makes mead a perfect foundation for creative flavour combinations and inventive food pairings.




Naturally Simple

Mead, at its base, is only three ingredients: honey, water and yeast. But the final product is hardly simple. From buckwheat to blueberry, every honey varietal has its own distinct taste, color, aroma and texture sourced back to the bee flora.


Gluten free since 7000 BC

In early England certain styles of mead were believed to improve digestion and even alleviate depression. Today we can’t make any such claims. But we can say that mead is low in sugar and naturally gluten free. Is that why we love it? No. Is it a bonus? You bet.

Bee Nice

Honey is not only nature’s greatest sweetener, it’s one of the world’s most sustainable foods.  Likewise, mead has been called the world’s “greenest booze” due to its low-impact production and supply chain. Bees are our happy workers at RCM. Demand for mead supports the declining bee population and helps to pollinate the planet. Drink mead, save bees.